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X2 for Robotic Weld Guns

The X2 Cap Changer System is characterized by compact dimensions and low weight. It is suitable both for stationary use for robotic welding guns as well as for the mobile on the robot for stationary welding guns.

The proven and robust construction of the cap extractor was taken over by the Cap Dresser and Changer E4N. Both the extractor and the fast-changing magazines are available for the most common cap diameters and lengths. A stock of 13 pairs of caps (16mm diameter) enables high productivity.

The most compact and lightest solution on the market today!

  • Kompakte Elektrodenkappen-Wechseleinheit
  • Passiv oder mit Pneumatik- oder Elektroantrieb
  • Schneller Magazinwechsel
  • Überwachung von Magazin und Füllstand
  • Kappendetektor
  • Zur Nachrüstung bestehender Kappenfräser geeignet.